April Update: SIP’s, Giveaways, Future

We promised Stimmy, We delivered!

Hello Stimulants & Stimulators,

The completion of Stimmy Improvement Proposals 01, 02, & 03 are now in the books. Each has received over 3,000,000 votes cast by you, the Stimmy Community. As a DAO, our goal is to build a foundational base that participants can create a structure upon that will house a unique and first-of-it’s-kind AaaS platform. We’ve upgraded the Snapshot voting permissions as well as the creation of two new token permissioned governance chats in our Discord for Airdroppers and Governors.

Doing so has made the logged votes look a bit off, but we’ve been assured by the Snapshot team that there is a fix for this coming, so stay tuned.

Building an Airdrop-as-a-Service network where participants can propose new and unique airdrops, from individuals as well as creators of other new and innovational products and platforms is the way to create strong, lasting and active communities around yet undiscovered and mainstream projects and protocols.

We’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking up something special. You’ve already enjoyed the hors d’oeuvre (Initial Distribution) as well as our signature Potage (the Two Weeks (™) yield farm) followed by the world-class Poisson (Jobe’s personal Airdrop of 300,000 STMY) and we are now moving onto the Entrée course.

What could it be you ask? What is the meat of this meal?

Our one-of-a-kind UNI-V2 LP Giveaway!

How will it work you ask?

Starting April 15th at 00:00 UTC Stimmy will be starting a new giveaway for LP holders. There are 447 UNI-V2 LP tokens locked by the dev team in Trustswap until September 1st 2021. We will be giving them all away to winners.

Participants will be able to earn 1 entry for every 1 STMY/WETH UNI-V2 LP token held each month. Everyone has Two Weeks (™) to lock in LP before the first monthly cycle. A random snapshot will be taken within each one-month cycle, over the course of the following 4 months (May, June, July & August).

Meaning every LP token can win up to 4 lottery tickets for a chance to win their share of the 447 LP tokens up for grabs. The random snapshot will prevent participants from gaming the system. Minimum requirement is 1 full LP token held at the snapshot for your lotto ticket to be added to the final draw. Participants are welcome to participate for as little as one month, or as long as all four.

Giving Two Weeks(tm) to get involved is something Stimmy feels is reasonable for participants. Get help in #support if you have any questions.

Prizes will be as follows; 200 UNI-V2 LP tokens for 1st Place winner, 100 UNI-V2 LP for 2nd Place winner, 75 UNI-V2 LP for 3rd place winner & 50 UNI-V2 LP for Honorable Mention and 22 to be split among 4 UNI-V2 LP token lottery ticket holders for the ”You Tried” prize (5.5 UNI-V2 LP tokens each)

The tokens will be transferred after the random drawing of a total of 8 addresses. After each drawing the winners will be removed from the ticket pool to prevent multiple wins.

Our next Medium post will bring the process to obtain UNI-V2 LP tokens to the table for your consumption!

The future is bright, we hope you’ve packed your shades.

We will be rolling out the cart with the Platform Beta in Q2, and there are more surprises in store for the meal of a lifetime. Don’t leave the table, your waiter might just bring out something you didn’t even expect.

We appreciate all the support and participation, so be sure to join us in #liquidity-chat once you’ve secured your UNI-V2 LP tokens.

Jobe & The Stimmy Network Developers



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