Introducing, Stimmy!

It’s your Stimmy, and you need it now!

It’s been noted, small networks suffer due to low participation. When we decided the future path for SUB1X, we knew resolving basic widespread issues was paramount. Users had trouble running their wallets, and their nodes, even with the proliferation of hosting services. We also learned from our time in the community, the ultra-low-supply metric was not enough to support interest and onboarding of future participants.

From these lessons, the evolution of SUB1X into a reliable and useful resource that benefitted the community as well as new participants was born. A swap was inevitable as the codebase had gone stale and development participation had come to a standstill from both sides of the ecosystem. Furthermore, PIVX codebase coins were haunted with phantoms; a spoofed masternode that is not actually taking part in the network but collecting rewards as if they were.

We have realized the Ethereum Network where SUB1X was initially created via an airdrop with No ICO, and no presale, would be an obvious choice for the next phase. As the original name had lost its useful identity a decision was made to paint a new, collaborative picture that future users could be informed of what this token does.

SUB1X is now Stimmy, a token that will provide access and participation to a system with off-chain governance and decision making in a time where Ethereum gas costs prohibit participants from interacting with high gas on-chain activity.

Stimmy is the token that unlocks the future Stimmy Network where you will be able to stimulate your own economy as well as the economy of your friends and fellow Stimmy participants!

SUB1X-to-Stimmy Swap

On Block 1,607,000 a snapshot of balances was collected and logged. All holders will now be sending SUB1X to the burn address:


Upon completing the burn transaction, holders will sign a message from their sending address in-wallet. Instructions on how to sign a message will be provided for those unfamiliar with the process.

The signed message will include:


Number of Burned SUB1X

Ethereum Deposit Address

Discord or Telegram Username

Once you have created this signed message, you will submit a google form:

Which will include:

Sending Address


Signed Message

Number of Burned SUB1X

Ethereum Deposit Address

Discord or Telegram Username

Holders are only able to swap one address, verified on the blockchain @ Block 1,607,000 and any other coins burned or from other internal addresses will not be included.


Submissions that fail to fill out all form fields will not be accepted. Be sure you’ve completed ALL steps before submitting your swap request.

Swap begins March 2nd (05:00 UTC) and ends March 9th (05:00 UTC) & the SUB1X network will be maintained throughout this time to support completion of all burn transactions.

After the 7-day window to complete these steps has concluded, Stimmy will be deposited into your Ethereum address.

Swap tokens will be sent March 15th (00:00 UTC) to all fully compliant submitted addresses.

Tokens will not be locked. A Uniswap Pair has been funded, and an initial 100,000 coins are locked in LP for six months.

Each user will receive 100 Stimmy for each SUB1X burned.
(Burn 20 SUB1X, receive 2,000 Stimmy)


Locked Liquidity:

Additionally, all remaining unswapped tokens at the close of the 7-day burn period will be placed in a farming contract where users will have Two Weeks(™) to farm all remaining tokens, CREATING A 100% DISTRIBUTION WITH NO CENTRALLY HELD TOKENS.

There will only be 6,900,000 Stimmy (STMY) created and in circulation, so be sure to take part and earn your share of unswapped tokens!

Jobe & The Stimmy Network Developers



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