The Day The Geyser Boiled Over

March 15th, a day that will live in infamy. Not because Caesar cried out “Et tu, Brute?” after his robes were yanked over his head, but because crypto participants will reflect on the start of the Two Weeks (™) yield farm that opened the door for a millennia of Stimmy based rewards to wise Stimmy holders.

The Geyser (GYSR) is just hours from gushing rewards totaling almost 3.9 million Stimmy to LP providers for a Two Weeks (™) period where participants will earn their share of the token that underpins the Stimmy Network. Think of each STMY as a key that unlocks an esoteric locker in a bus station that is filled to the brim with tokens from the future. All you have to do is hold Stimmy in your Ethereum address and the network will do the rest.

When we envisioned what Stimmy could be, we decided a one-time payment of stimulus could only go so far. We all need regular payments of stimulus, now and in the future. With that in mind the goal of Stimmy is to ensure holders receive the best and most stimulating rewards. In the near future, holding 1400 STMY will unlock a system where participants can stimulate the entire distributed Stimmy holders network with shares of the best, newest and most desirable releases of new and exciting tokens. ANYONE can receive a portion of these Stimulus Checks proportionate to their STMY holdings and STMY/WETH LP tokens.

Until then, you’ll be able to earn your share of over 55% of the total supply of STMY by earning in the Geyser alongside Stimmy Genesis token receivers who share just over 43% of the total supply. There is enough STMY for everyone, but don’t get left behind.

See ya in the pool,

Jobe & The Stimmy Network Developers



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