Two Weeks (™) Distribution

Stimmy distribution was a great success and 41.43% of supply has been distributed to 58 participants. Stimmy is now in the hands of all compliant participants. 1.4493% remains locked in LP for six months and 57.1179% of supply will be accessible via farming protocol over a two-week period. Early participants in the farming platform will receive bonus rewards, and once the yield farm has closed all 6,900,000 STMY will be fully distributed and out of centralized control.

As we move into the final stage of distribution more information and a simple walkthrough process will be published here. The yield farm will start paying rewards om March 15th @ 00:00 UTC but you can prepare your UNI V2 LP anytime between now and the starting date. A future Medium post will disclose where and how to participate in the farming stage.

Coinmarketcap published an excellent primer on yield farming if you are not familiar, so please take a moment to read it below;

How To Add Liquidity To Uniswap Liquidity Pool: A Step to Step Guide | Headlines | News | CoinMarketCap

Join the Discord and be a part of the conversation, ask any questions you may have, and thank you for your continued active participation.

Jobe & The Stimmy Network Developers



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