Yield Farming Completed, What now?

We’re sure you are all wondering what comes next, so before we get to that lets give a rundown on what’s happened so far. In the last two weeks we saw the distribution of almost 3.9 million STMY to thirsty farmers via Geyser and their unique GYSR platform that rewarded those that staked LP to earn their share of Stimmy.

We have inquired into our project receiving important updates on Etherscan, as well as an initial listing on CoinGecko. At this time we have requested tracking on Zerion and you can upvote the request here;

A new channel in our Discord is available for suggestions and requests for inclusion on other services you may like to see Stimmy on, so please pop in and share your thoughts there.

Now that all Stimmy has been fairly distributed we are moving onto the first SIP (Stimmy Improvement Proposal) that will establish the framework for future governance votes for DAO participants. A rather simple decision to start, we will be deciding if participants feel a vote window for future decisions of one week (7 days) is sufficient for fair and distributed decision making. You’ll be able to find our off-chain token permissioned voting interface at and the vote will go live soon.

Once this vote is completed, a second vote will be put to the community to determine the next level of foundational features of Stimmy. We feel the second round will be more important so we are using the first vote as a simple beta test to verify community participation. Further information regarding the voting process will come in the following Medium article.

Now that all STMY is in the hands of the community, with no centralized holdings, we would like to announce that our leader Jobe Smith farmed a total of 302,187.11169 STMY with his holdings of 38,590.2943 STMY from the initial distribution. After much consideration, he has decided to run a to-be-announced airdrop of 300,000 STMY funded from his personal holdings to further advance the adoption of Stimmy leading up to the beta release of the Stimmy Network Platform in Q2.

We hope this message answers some of the questions that you may have, and provides some direction and expectation of what’s happening in between the various steps of the roadmap that has been laid out.

Jobe & The Stimmy Network Developers